Monday, April 18, 2011

Funny Pictures :) :]

hahah this is my sister Kaitlyn (face in hole pic not really her)

LOGANNNN and a fuzzy hatted guy
Me and my sister hahahah

Thursday, April 7, 2011

the annoying orange

ok so you have probably seen the annoying orange... hahahah its funny.. if you havent seen it scroll down to watch a few. beware it is strangely annoying. wink wink


Auto tune.. 

if you stare into its eyes long enough its creepy..

The Kennedys

 Me and my sister like the Kennedy's.  I think John John and Caroline were cute kids. Starting from the beggining.. Joe and Rose. Kids: Jack, Bobby, Joe jr. Teddy and then some girls who I dont the names of. How could such people make such handsome sons. Bobby is my favorite. Even though he has Big Buck teeth. NO OFFENSE BOBBY. Jack and Jackie were a cute couple till Jack had to go messin around with other freaks. Marilyn Monroe! You should be ashamed!!!!! Poor Jackie and Kids... Here are some lovely pictures of all of them.. Sadly including Marilyn.
Jack, Bobby and Teddy

John John sexiest man!!!

Them be some sexy glasses. 

tsk tsk tsk.. shame on your family.


Make sure to watch this.. its awesome

Bobby and Ethel

Joe Sr.


Compare. Pretty close

Aw.. How sweet.

John John

my lovely dudes

These are some of the best awesome people I love :)

5. Jack Hodgins 
Actor! (character from bones -tv show-) he is smart!

4. Leonardo DiCaprio 
Actor! he is ok looking!

3. Shaun Cassidy 
Singer! he is ok looking !

2. Robert Pattinson 
Actor! he is cute looking!

1. Logan Lerman 
Actor! he is beautiful looking!!!!