Saturday, June 25, 2011

top 10 award

k. so my sister gave me this thing.  i think she only gave it to me cause I'm jacked up and were related and i would tell on her if she dint give it to me. this is the little thing that came with the thing. (i copy and pasted this... y'all know i don't write goodddd ;) )

Here's what the award entails:
- Thank the person who tagged you and link to their blog
- Put the Top 10 Award logo on your blog (here's the original size)

- List your top ten favorite cosmetics
- Choose ten bloggers to tag, link to their blogs, and let them know about their award!

my favorite cosmetics thingys are...

 1. dove ulitmate go fresh cool essentials cucumber & green tea scent deodorant-  use this so when i sweat i wont stink up the whole room.

2. cucmuber melon eau de toilet- i use this so if my deordeant doesnt work ill have this on to not stink up a room.

3. american girl perfume truly me- i use this so if my other perfume doesnt work i have a back up plan to not stink up a room.

4. suave smoothers shampoo orange mango- i use this so my hair is soft and wont stink up a room.

5. organix hydrating tea tree mint shampoo- i use this so it seems like im chewing mint gum but its stuck on my head.

6. water!!!!!!!!- this is mainly what i use cause it helps me wash everything. wink wink ginger bath and body works lotion- this moisturizes my hands and my legs so i slip on tile and cant open doors isn't  it so niceeee;).

8. Burt's bees lip balm pomegranate- i use this when my friends come over and i put it on so it looks like i have really red lips its so funny winkity wink.

9. opi pink nail polish- idk the name of it but i paint one set of toes this color then my other 4 a different color. aaaaahahahaha

10. organix hydrating tea tree  mint conditioner- i use this so my hair is soft and luscious.
teeee heeeee it says toilet alrighty!!! what now america


  1. thats right i got 4 toes on my left foot! i got ran over by a chipmunk! he took my toe wit him!!! rotcl. thst mean rollin on the chair laughing btw

  2. 4 toes? Have you been to a doctor for that injury?